Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Avengers: More Than Just A Review

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Before I was ever a movie nerd, I was a comic book nerd. In fact, you can say that I was destined to be one. When I was in utero, my parents believed that I was going to be a girl. My brother, Arik, how was seven at the time, held on to the hope that I would be a boy. An active comic book reader, himself, he struck up a deal with my dad to name me if I was a boy. At the time, Arik’s favorite comic book character was 

Friday, April 27, 2012

Adam's Top 5: Robot Movies

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Iron Giant (1999)
This is one of those movies that were universally heralded, but nobody went to the theater to watch. First seen as a failure, but later deemed successful after it recouped its costs in the rental and video market. Before Brad Bird directed Ratatouille and the Incredibles, he directed this wonderful movie. 9-year old Hogarth finds and befriends a giant alien robot (Vin Diesel) that, upon entry to Earth, loses its memory and the fact that it was sent to destroy Earth. This movie has a great story that touches upon many adult themes that will make it enjoyable for adults and the animation is great, so the kids will like it as well.

Spencer's Top 5 Robot Movies

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Top 5 Robot Movies:  I will preface my Top 5 Robot Movies list by stating there are plenty of films I didn't even consider until after the fact, Short Circuit being the most obvious.  So I apologize to all the Steve Guttenberg fans out there.  But let's move on with the list, shall we?

Friday, April 20, 2012

5 More Things That I Hate About Movies

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 The Following is a running list of things that bother me about movies:
  1. No dropped calls except during emergencies. What frustrates me about this is that the only place that I drop calls is at my own house. So if you call me while I am watching a movie, I might pause a movie that this is happening, only to drop the call mid-sentence.
  2. People lie in bed with blankets up to their neck. I can understand if every movie took place in Alaska. During the winter. But sometimes it is annoying trying to get that PG-13 Rating.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Top 5: Zombie Comedies

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One thing that makes zombie movies fun to watch is that, at any point, anybody can become a raging, killing machine. It could be the innocent six year girl that lives next door or your eighty year old grandma that never leaves her room in your parents’ house. There is a primal level of enjoyment in watching these normally innocent characters turn into foul-mouthed brain seekers. Secondly, it’s equally fun to watch these characters get punched in the face or decapitated with some pruning shears.  A third aspect that makes zombie movies (even strait horror movies) fun to watch is how characters use everyday objects as weapons when they inevitably run out of ammunition. One thing that sets zombie comedies apart from their more horror-centered story lines is that they are made tongue-in-cheek. These are generally made by people that are fans of the genre that often site other movies in their own whether through direct reference, homage or pastiche.  And, apparently, 1992 was the year of zombie comedies.
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